VP-Man – your friendly front-end for Visual Pinball

Welcome dear pinball fanatic!

VP-Man is a free front-end for Visual Pinball. It gives you the ability to launch your Visual Pinball tables in a very easy and comfortable way. In addition VP-Man provides a whole bunch of nice features you may also want to use.

These are the main features:

  • support for Visual Pinball and Future Pinball
  • ability to handle several table folders (your tables don't have to be located in a single folder)
  • customizable table listview (font, sorting order, column size, column order and much more)
  • customizable listview columns plus 2 user columns
  • many view modes: all tables, recent additions, favourites and user categories
  • complex filter function to show custom table lists
  • sizeable panel showing table related documents (like screenshot, flyer, rulesheet, release notes & highscores)
  • pop-up search function to find a certain table quickly (according to the table name)
  • play-counter: counts the times a table was launched
  • ability to handle several versions of Visual Pinball and/or Visual PinMAME (for compatibility with older tables)
  • automatic shutdown of Visual Pinball & Future Pinball after playing a table
  • ability to handle executables (.exe) & links (.lnk) to even launch PC pinball games
  • distribute downloads feature: installation of downloaded tables and all according files from a zip- or rar-file
  • drag & drop operations for table listview, table image & table documents
  • launching options: adjustable options for table launching like screen / window resolution, DirectDraw setting, expiration date and so on
  • random table selection
  • export function for table data featuring CSV, HTML and TXT formats
  • table statistics window
  • highscore display for many tables
  • clipboard monitoring: associate screenshots with the launched table after playing
  • slideshow with nice transition effects for screenshots/flyers
  • table recognition: gain table data automatically from VPLauncher's data files or the TableInfo feature
  • ability to determine the ROM(s) used by a VPinMAME table
  • periodic backup of VP-Man's database
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